Introducing Harshol OLIGO: A Multifunctional, Eco-Friendly Solution for Oligomer Problems

Introducing Harshol OLIGO: A Multifunctional, Eco-Friendly Solution for Oligomer Problems

Introducing Harshol OLIGO: A Multifunctional, Eco-Friendly Solution for Oligomer Problems

In the world of textile manufacturing, one of the recurring challenges is dealing with oligomers. These unwanted substances can cause various issues, including fabric discoloration, reduced dye uptake, and even machine scaling. However, a breakthrough has emerged in the form of Harshol OLIGO, a newly developed, eco-friendly product that effectively tackles oligomer-related problems. Let's explore the features, specifications, and applications of this powerful oligomer remover and fabric treatment agent.

Specifications and Composition:

Harshol OLIGO is composed of a carefully formulated blend of organic and inorganic compounds, combined with powerful surfactants. The result is a multifunctional product that offers exceptional performance. The powder has a slight brownish hue and a typical odor, making it easily recognizable.

Eco-Friendly and Anionic:

One of the standout features of Harshol OLIGO is its eco-friendliness. It is biodegradable and does not pose any harm to the environment when used as recommended. Additionally, its anionic nature ensures compatibility with all ionic substances and makes it soluble in water, simplifying its application.

Applications and Usage Recommendations:

  • Dyeing Process:

For dyeing, it is recommended to add 1 gram per liter (gpl) of Harshol OLIGO to the dye bath along with the dyeing chemicals. By doing so, Harshol OLIGO prevents oligomers from depositing on the fibers or fabrics during the dyeing process. This not only ensures cleaner dyeing results but also helps keep the machine free from deposits. Regular use of Harshol OLIGO contributes to the gradual descaling of the dyeing machine, improving its overall efficiency.

  • Desizing, Scouring, and Swelling:

In desizing, scouring, and swelling processes, Harshol OLIGO proves highly effective. To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to use 0.75% to 1% of Harshol OLIGO based on the weight of the fabric. Additionally, adding 0.25% of a non-ionic surfactant for polyester and its blends, and subjecting the fabric to a temperature of 125°C for the required hold time, further enhances the effectiveness of Harshol OLIGO. Afterward, the fabric should be neutralized with the necessary acid.

  • Desizing of Viscose:

When desizing viscose fabrics, adding 0.5% of Harshol OLIGO based on the weight of the fabric, along with 0.25% of a non-ionic surfactant, is recommended. For bleaching, the fabric should be subjected to a jet process for 45 minutes or a drum process for 90 minutes. For dipping, a 0.3% Harshol OLIGO dosage, along with a 0.25% non-ionic surfactant, is advised.

  • Machine Wash:

For machine wash purposes, a recommended dosage of 3 gpl of Harshol OLIGO at 85°C for 6-8 hours should be used. Afterward, the bath should be drained, and the fabric should be washed with a non-ionic surfactant. The exact dosage may vary based on machine conditions. Regular usage of Harshol OLIGO in machine washes gradually helps descale the machine, prolonging its lifespan.

Precautions and Disclaimer:

While Harshol OLIGO is a powerful and versatile product, it is important to follow precautions to ensure safe and optimal usage. The container should be kept closed when not in use, stored in a cool shade, and protected from direct sunlight. Routine safety precautions and good housekeeping practices should be observed during handling.

It is worth noting that the information and recommendations provided are intended as non-binding guidelines and may not cover every specific case. Users should adapt the guidelines to prevailing conditions and conduct their own tests to determine the suitability and quality of the product for their particular purpose. The supplier's liability, if any, is limited to the replacement of the material supplied.

In conclusion, Harshol OLIGO represents a significant advancement in the textile industry, offering a multifunctional and eco-friendly solution to oligomer-related problems. Its powerful oligomer removal capabilities, coupled with its desizing, scouring, and swelling properties, make it a valuable addition to fabric treatment processes. By incorporating Harshol OLIGO into manufacturing practices, textile professionals can achieve cleaner and more efficient results while contributing to a more sustainable industry.